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About Us

Ghazal Travel & Tourism, have been serving the local and international markets since 1970, providing transcendent services to millions of travelers. This is what had listed us among the elite travel and tourism providers in Syria. Having worked tirelessly to become what we are today, we continue delivering with consistency and keenness to remain up to par, as always.

A Lifetime of Excellence and Expertise:


  • Mr. Mohamed Rustom (Managing Director):

A Member of the Board of Travel Agent Association Directors (1980 - 2000) and current honorary consul of the Bangladesh Consulate of Damascus

(A whole jubilee of experience in travel and tourism industry)


  • Mr. Wahid Ghazal (Director of our Damascus office and a shareholder and representative for WHL  - (World Hotel Link)):  

Masters Degree in International Business from California State University - Pomona

(More than 3 decades of experience in travel and tourism industry)


  • Mr. Sanih Ghazal (Director of our Aleppo office)

Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering

(More than 3 decades of experience in travel and tourism industry)

Our Dedication to Our Travelers:

By collaborating with overseas partners and travel & tourism providers, we streamline and orchestrate well selected and refined travel and tour plans and bookings at very competitive prices whether for incoming or outgoing airline tickets, tours, hotels, transfers, cruise reservations, and much more. Our seasoned travel professionals have earned us powerful influence among travel providers within local and international markets; this allows us to provide you with our top-notch service.


Our traveler's utility, comfort, and satisfaction are what integrally define us; this is what gives us our motto and which is "Keeping an Eye on Your Comfort!"

An Emphasis on Tourism Marketing & Product:

We help clients develop and tailor their 'product' or event. Having introduced more products and services into the travel market than any other operator in Syria since the turn of the last decade, we provide innovative programs that range from cultural, historical, and archeological tours to scenic, sightseeing adventures.



We are specialized in providing and tailoring a wide spectrum of services to travelers and ensure that our reservations are meticulously coordinated. Our services are kept up to date with rest of the global travel industry. Besides, the regular incoming and outgoing tourism services provided by most travel agents that include:

  • Tourism consulting and information from/to Syria
  • Airline bookings
  • Incentive tours
  • Incoming and worldwide hotel reservations
  • Rental of furnished apartments
  • Arrangement of conference, cruises, tours, and packages upon demand
  • Honeymoon packages
  • Incoming and outgoing tours and car rentals

we provide our clients with very selective and special worldwide packages to satisfy most travelers and, of course, at very promotional deals. Anyone visiting our marvelous country can consider us his local connection in Syria.